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Country Price list euro
OMNIVA Latvia 2,75
DPD Pickup Latvia 2,85
Electronic gift card 0,00
OMNIVA Eesti 4,99
DPD Pickup Eesti 6,99
OMNIVA Lietuva 4,99
DPD Pickup Lietuva 6,99
To EU 14,00
To other countries 19,00

Distance contract

Privacy Policy

 SIA Zicollars with this applies, that the information and private data, which you have entered in and to use our services will be compiled, worked with and saved according to the European Union normative acts requirements regarding to personal data protection.

 Intents, what your personal data will be used for includes:

  • provision of services,
  • identification and authentication,
  • service improvement,
  • communication,
  • advertisement adaptation

 For us to receive your personal data is a precondition to receive services from us.

Giving us your data, you agree with, that the data will get processed and saved for the necessary amount of time, as well as in regulatory enactment specified moments after initial data process as long as it is needed.

 The compiled data will be only used for these data processes and no others and won't be voluntarily given out to the 3rd person, except:

  • if it's a duty from the normative acts;
  • to investigate and prevent possible law violations;
  • to protect SIA Zicollars rights and property;
  • situations which are committed to a threat to a persons health or life;
  • persons, with which we cooperate and which gives us services, so we can provide and improve SIA Zicollars operation (for example: data deployment and maintenance, data and portal safety, payment processing, risk and scam prevention and detection, data analysis,text message and e-mail deportation, juridical and financial services). These kinds of third persons will only be given the minimal and necessary amount of information, so we can provide our services, and only then, if those have taken appropriate confidentiality obligations. 

 We have the rights to from time to time change these rules. All rule changes will be posted on and in case of important changes, we be informing you about them.

You have the rights to ,in any moment, request your data renewal, information about your personal data usage, as well as request your data deletion by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

 These privacy rules become active from the 25th May 2018.

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